Email Marketing

Funio is proud to partner with CakeMail® and offer an easy-to-use email marketing application for small and medium businesses. This web-based application enables you to build and send professional-looking email campaigns within minutes and track their results. This service is free (up to 100 contacts) with any hosting plan! Order it for FREE with a new hosting plan now! Order it without a hosting plan here.

Easy Template Management

Free email templates

Let the templates inspire you to drive a stupendous campaign. Each template has been tested in all major email clients so what you create is what your contacts will see.

Easy-to-use editor

The built-in editor allows you to use creative tools to perfect templates without the need of programming skills. The auto-save and version history features are the solution to accidental changes.

Create your own themes

Transform any template by adding a few lines of code to adapt it to your company's image. View the template guide for more details on personalized customization.

Image and file hosting

You can upload and host images and files for your email campaigns. Take advantage of the image gallery and file browser for optimal organization

Performance and Reporting

Detailed reports

Analyze your campaign's success through clear looking charts that includes data such as the number of opened emails, clicked links, or the list of bounces and unsubscriptions. You will even be able to pinpoint the information to a specific contact.


Take a look at your campaign's activity by seeing where your contacts have clicked, directly on top of the email you sent. An online or a PNG version of the heatmap is available.

Analytics integration

With the click of the mouse, you can add tracking code to your campaign so your Google Analytics account shows how many visits or activity were driven by your email.

Contact Lists

  • Manage subscribers into different lists
  • Create subscriber specific groups
  • Integrate subscription forms
  • Personalize confirmation emails
  • View contact history


Pricing is $5 per 1,000 contacts / month, up to 100,000 contacts.

Add this feature to your hosting account now, for free.

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